Last call to the IGC

Two weeks before the conclusions of the Intergovernmental Conference, the Union of European Federalists, the citizens’ campaign group for a federal Europe, calls on the high Representatives of the Governments of the States involved in the current phase of the constitutional process to:


1. approve – without substantial modification - the Convention’s draft Constitutional Treaty which represents the largest possible consensus at this stage;


2. agree on a revision clause including an agenda and a mandate to a new Convention - to be convened no later than 2008 – in order to complete its constituent work and approve further improvements of the Constitutional Treaty; 


3. proceed to the adoption of the Constitutional Treaty in December 2003 by those States which agree both on the current constitutional step forward and its future revision.


Notes to editors

- The UEF is an independent and non-governmental, supranational organisation, founded in 1946,  dedicated  to  the promotion  of  a  federal  Europe.  It  is  presided over  by  Jo  LEINEN, MEP.

- The UEF issues regular Federalist Letters to the Intergovernmental Conference which are available to read online at

- For more information, contact Bruno Boissière, +32 2 508 30 32