Federalist's last call before conclusion of the convention. Majority voting should be included for the future amendments to the European constitution

Members of the European Convention have their last chance to make amendments to the draft Constitution today. They  have achieved much in the last  sixteen months,  but there is  still a crucial  thing to be done.  


This  draft  Constitution  is  surely  not the  final  word  on  the  democratic  unification  of Europe. There will be further stages in the process along the way to improve the governance of  the  Union  and  to  strengthen  its  foreign  and  security  policy.  So  amendments  to  the Constitution will have to be made anyway.


Future constitutional  amendments in  a  Union  of  25 or  more  member  states  will  be almost impossible if they depend on unanimity. Even if the proposed amendments themselves are uncontroversial, the  opportunity to  cast a  veto  can be misused to  achieve  other  ends, to the detriment of the democracy and efficiency of the Union as a whole.


Therefore  UEF  asks  members  of  the  Convention  to  support  majority voting  for  future amendments to the European Constitution. Perhaps the majority needs to be larger for such amendments  than  for  normal  legislation,  but  establishing  the  principle  of  majority voting rather  than unanimity  - also  in  the constitutional  amendment  procedure  - is  a  democratic necessity.


The  interests  of  the  member  states  and  their  citizens  are  best  served by  shared democracy rather than national blackmails with the threat of veto.

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