Die Europa-Union Deutschland ist in ein europaweites Netzwerk von europäischen föderalistischen Organisationen eingebunden. Die  Dachorganisation der europäischen Föderalisten ist die Union Europäischer Föderalisten (Union des Fédéralistes Européens/Union of European Federalists), kurz U.E.F., mit Sitz in Brüssel. >>weiterlesen

Präsident: Sandro Gozi MdEP

Generalsekretärin: Anna Echterhoff


Mitglieder des Vorstands und des Federal Committee aus Deutschland finden Sie hier.

Das Europäische Sekretariat ist zu erreichen unter:
Rue d'Arlon 53
1000 Bruxelles

Tel:  +32-2-508 30 30
Fax: +32-2-626 95 01

E-mail:  secretariat(at)federalists(dot)eu
Internet: www.federalists.eu

HINWEIS: Die Seite befindet sich im Aufbau. Die aktuellen Meldungen der UEF finden Sie hier.

Aktuelle Meldungen der UEF

UEF presents its new project MAKE EUROPE BLOOM: The time is now!

On this special day in which we are not only celebrating Europe Day but also welcoming the  long-awaited launching of the Conference on the Future of Europe, we are excited to share with you our new project MAKE EUROPE BLOOM: The time is now! This project aims at starting a political campaign at both European and national levels to raise awareness on the importance of the Conference on the Future of Europe (CoFoE), as a framework in which to advance the reforms that can create the conditions… » weiterlesen

CoFoE: Spinelli MEPs and UEF launch Europe-wide network with federalist and pro-European MPs from Member States

“We have taken the first step in the creation of the federalist caucus of national and European parliamentarians who share the view that the Conference on the Future of Europe is an opportunity to transform the EU”, said MEP Brando BENIFEI, President of the Spinelli Group, summing up the more than two hours of open and fruitful debate that took place last Friday with colleagues from Member States. "This was a successful kick-off. I am delighted by the great interest from national parliaments". … » weiterlesen


Brussels, 18 April 2021   Let us restart from the essence of its message to build our Europe of tomorrow   The Treaty of Paris was signed seventy years ago, on 18 April 1951. This epoch-making document, by establishing the European Coal and Steel Community (ECSC), laid down the key foundations for the greatest project of integration of peoples and nations in European history, making Europe one of the most peaceful, prosperous and stable regions of the world.    The 70th Anniversary of the… » weiterlesen

Appeal - Our Federal Europe: sovereign and democratic

  Our federal Europe: sovereign and democratic At watershed moments in history, communities need to adapt their institutions to avoid sliding into irreversible decline, thus equipping themselves to govern new circumstances. After the end of the Cold War, the European Union, with the creation of the monetary Union, took a first crucial step towards adapting its institutions; but it was unable to agree on a true fiscal and social policy for the Euro. Later, the Lisbon Treaty strengthened the… » weiterlesen

International Women’s Day will celebrate the Founding Mothers of Europe

Brussels, 8 March 2021 Gender equality is a core principle of the European Union; a lot has been done to put it in practice but we are certainly not there yet. In business, politics and society as a whole, the Union must eliminate inequalities and to promote equality. This year’s theme for International Women’s Day, "Founding Mothers of Europe", commemorates all the visionary female leaders who inspired the creation of the European Union. On this day, we want to show a new way of being… » weiterlesen

The Conference on the Future of Europe gets under way

Brussels, March 4, 2021 Today the European Parliament gave the green light to the Conference on the Future of Europe. The UEF welcomes the reaching of an agreement that finally opens the opportunity to work for a new Europe together with the citizens. For the forces that believe in a federal, sovereign and democratic Europe, this is the time for commitment and mobilisation. Welcoming with relief the long-awaited launch of the Conference on the Future of Europe, the UEF underlines the… » weiterlesen


Brussels, February 8, 2021 "I express my deep concern about the recent developments on the Conference on the Future of Europe, following the recently published revised Council position, which is object of discussions in the negotiations between the EU institutions in these hours”.   “While I very much believe that the Conference should start immediately, at the same time the Council document contains serious shortcomings in terms of governance, mandate, and contents. The envisaged methods for… » weiterlesen

UEF President Sandro GOZI: We need to make full use of the potential of the Conference on the Future of Europe - No CoFoE light!

Brussels, February 5, 2021 “The Conference was not meant to be a general debate on topics that we already discuss every day, but to design a real and courageous future for our Europe and for us European citizens!”, states UEF President Sandro GOZI. In a meeting of the EU ambassadors, the Member States adopted their revised position on the Conference on the Future of Europe on 3 February. The document was proposed by the Portuguese Presidency. "It seems that the Council does not understand:… » weiterlesen

Future of Europe: The EU’s Darwinian moment

Brussels, January 28, 2021 Despite the widespread conception of Darwinism as the survival of the fittest, the famous English naturalist’s message was actually very different, if not the opposite. In nature, only those species that adapt can survive. It is the same with institutions: they either adapt or become irrelevant. The EU institutions haven’t been reformed since the Lisbon Treaty over a decade ago, resulting in Europeans being limited in what they can do, or governments sometimes being… » weiterlesen

UEF calls for a Federal Europe – Sovereign and Democratic! Meeting of the UEF-Federal Committee on Saturday, 19 December 2020

    Brussels, 21 December 2020 An unusual, difficult year marked by the current pandemic is drawing to a close. It has been an unprecedented one in various aspects of the political, democratic, economic, and social European spheres. And there is no doubt that Federalism is more necessary than ever today.  All the issues above were raised in UEF’s Federal Committee meeting held online on Saturday, 19 December. In his political introduction, UEF-President MEP Sandro Gozi, who shares the same… » weiterlesen