Die Europa-Union Deutschland ist in ein europaweites Netzwerk von europäischen föderalistischen Organisationen eingebunden. Die  Dachorganisation der europäischen Föderalisten ist die Union Europäischer Föderalisten (Union des Fédéralistes Européens/Union of European Federalists), kurz U.E.F., mit Sitz in Brüssel. >>weiterlesen

Präsident: Sandro Gozi

Generalsekretärin (interim): Anna Echterhoff

Vorstandsmitglieder (aus Deutschland): Wolfgang Wettach

Das Europäische Sekretariat ist zu erreichen unter:
Rue d'Arlon 53
1000 Bruxelles

Tel:  +32-2-508 30 30
Fax: +32-2-626 95 01

E-mail:  secretariat(at)federalists(dot)eu
Internet: www.federalists.eu

Aktuelle Meldungen der UEF

Interview to Sandro Gozi - “Europe must run away from minimalist solutions"

Original interview: here  Ahead of the fourth summit dedicated to the response to the coronavirus pandemic, Sandro Gozi insists on the need to "renew the European project". What do you expect from this meeting of Heads of State and Government? I would like the Heads of State and Government to immediately announce a recovery fund of at least EUR 1000 billion, so that tomorrow's world begins today! But I am afraid that the reality is quite different and that the debates will continue for a… » weiterlesen


The size of the crisis triggered by the pandemic forces our country and Europe to rethink themselves in order to try to understand how to strengthen their political capacity so that it can be commensurate with the current challenge. It will not only be the mourning, the many deaths and too much pain that will mark our public and private lives; nor will the problem be restricted to the economy, bent by exceptional circumstances, and to its social consequences. The very mentality of the Western… » weiterlesen

COVID-19: Addressing the crisis, reshaping Europe beyond the unthinkable

The European Federalists welcome the resolution approved today by the European Parliament with a set of proposals for the European Union to address with united and determined actions the COVID-19 crisis and its immense economic and social impact. The European Parliament’s proposals significantly raise the level of ambition of the deal proposed by the Eurogroup last week, in particular with respect to the creation of a new Recovery Fund funded by European Recovery Bonds issued by the European… » weiterlesen

Eurogroup deal shows European solidarity. EU leaders must now raise its ambitions and launch recovery bonds

The agreement reached yesterday evening by the Eurogroup on a set of financial measures to support EU member states in the fight against COVID 19 and its immense economic and social impact - and particularly the agreement on a new “recovery Fund” to support European economy and cohesion among member states and citizens - marks a welcome turn in the response of the European Union to the crisis, after many weeks of dis-alignment among member states. We welcome that those member states most… » weiterlesen

“We need an agreement immediately. Germany must move”

The Netherlands does not understand. Angela Merkel should read De Gasperi again. Urgent measures for €1500 billion are needed, “European Recovery Bonds” included. Without an agreement,  a group of member states could go forward anyhow.  “The definitive agreement will come if Heads of State and Government will find it. In the meantime, making progress in the Eurogroup is essential”. On the phone from Paris, MEP Sandro Gozi condemns those national governments opposed to an agreement. For weeks… » weiterlesen

Europe’s response to COVID needs a relaunch of political integration

The global public health crisis that we are experiencing due to the threat of COVID-19 has been shown in all its severity as the greatest threat to Europe since the Second World War, just 70 years after the Schuman Declaration. Our way of life, our sense of peace and security as advanced and welfare societies is being put at risk by the uncertainty that the virus is causing at the health level and by the consequent economic standstill and increase in unemployment. As in 1950, our ambition must… » weiterlesen

UEF Declaration on the resignation of Mauro Ferrari from the European Research Council’s Presidency

The news of the resignation of Professor Ferrari from the European Research Council’s Presidency, motivated by the fact that he has been «extremely disappointed by the European response to Covid-19, for what pertains to the complete absence of coordination on health care policies among member states, the recurrent opposition to cohesive financial support initiatives, the pervasive one-sided border closures, and the marginal scale of synergistic scientific initiatives» are a troubling development… » weiterlesen


In the darkest hour the European Union should regain the spirit of the Founding Fathers.   » weiterlesen


10 proposals by the European Federalists » weiterlesen

COVID-19 Orientation paper

Keep fighting for Europe - Call for a federal Europe!   The 9th May 2020 is the 70th anniversary of the Schuman Declaration, a moment that marked the beginning of European integration spiritually and politically. On 9 May 1950, by proposing to pool the production of coal and steel among European countries, Schuman took the bold and courageous step to propose the ‘first concrete foundation of a European federation indispensable to the preservation of peace’. Today Europe needs the same type of… » weiterlesen