Die Europa-Union Deutschland ist in ein europaweites Netzwerk von europäischen föderalistischen Organisationen eingebunden. Die  Dachorganisation der europäischen Föderalisten ist die Union Europäischer Föderalisten (Union des Fédéralistes Européens/Union of European Federalists), kurz U.E.F., mit Sitz in Brüssel. >>weiterlesen

Präsident: Sandro Gozi

Vizepräsident (aus Deutschland): Dr. Otto Schmuck

Generalsekretär: Paolo Vacca

Vorstandsmitglieder (aus Deutschland): Anna Echterhoff und Wolfgang Wettach

Das Europäische Sekretariat ist zu erreichen unter:
Square de Meeus 25
B-1000 Brüssel

Tel:  +32-2-508 30 30
Fax: +32-2-626 95 01

E-mail:  contact(at)federalists(dot)eu
Internet: www.federalists.eu

Aktuelle Meldungen der UEF

UEF Presidents meets with the German Secretary of State for European Affairs

On Wednesday 21 February in Berlin UEF President Sandro Gozi participated in a public debate with the German State of Secretary for EU affairs organised in cooperation with Europa Union Deutschland. The event has offered the chance for other bilateral meetings of our President with German personalities and organisations. On the occasion, an interview with Sandro Gozi was published on the German newspaper Tagesspiegel. » weiterlesen

Bringing a federalist voice to Greece

On 27 and 28 February UEF President Sandro Gozi participated in a series of events in as part of our plan to revitalise UEF in Greece. The events started with a meeting with the business community, followed by a conference in the Greek Parliament with representatives of all political families and bilateral meetings with the President of the Greek Parliament  Nikos Voutsis, the Minister of Foreign Affairs Giorgos Katrougalos  and the Minister for Digital Policy Telecommunications and Media Nikos... » weiterlesen

We Are Europe Citizens’ Agora in Budapest

The First We are Europe Citizens' Agora took place in Budapest form 22 to 23 February 2019, and was organised in collaboration with UEF Hungary, The Young European Federalists (JEF) and The Spinelli Group.  The Agora involved civil society actors and political representatives from EU member states in a debate about the future of Europe in the context of raising populism in Europe, where civil society actors operate in hostile political environments, when democracy and rule of law are... » weiterlesen

Europe: Evolution or Revolution – Talk about the future of Europe with Gozi and Loiseau

On 25 January 2019 UEF President Sandro Gozi met with the French Minister in charge of European Affairs Nathalie Loiseau to discuss about the future of the European project  in the light of the emergence of an increasingly sovereignist and nationalist tendency in Europe. On this occasion, Gozi emphasised the need for a stronger Europe when facing internal and global challenges: “We are for a Europe that must be sovereign and democratic. To regain control over problems that transcend borders,... » weiterlesen

Towards The European Elections, Federalists Meet The Spitzenkandidaten: Gozi and Zahradil

With the 2019 European Elections drawing near, the European Federalists met the candidates to President of the European Commission of the main political parties in public debates in order to discuss the main challenges facing Europe and the view of the candidates on the proposals of the European Federalists for the future of Europe. The debate took on 24 January 2019 place between Sandro Gozi, the President of the UEF and Jan Zahradil, the Lead candidate for the President European Commission... » weiterlesen

I Choose Europe Training for Campaigners

At the European Congress in Vienna, the Union of European Federalists has launched its campaign for the European Parliament elections in May 2019 with the motto “I choose Europe”. In order to facilitate the engagement of our national and local sections in the campaign for the 2019 European Elections, UEF organised a training for campaigners in collaboration with the Young European Federalists (JEF).  The training took place in Brussels from 19 to 20 January 2019. The participants had the... » weiterlesen


The Union of European Federalists launches today the last stage of their campaign for the 2019 European elections by releasing a Manifesto for the European elections (For a Federal Europe : Sovereign, Democratic, Social), a pledge for candidates to the European Parliament, and a pledge for citizens to express their support to federalist proposals. "We invite candidates to the European Parliament and citizens across Europe to express their support to a Federal Europe, a sovereign, democratic and... » weiterlesen


Sandro GOZI, President of the Union of European Federalists, welcomes President Macron’s new initiative for a European renaissance, a direct letter to the citizens of  Europe, published today on a number of European newspapers and invites European citizens to mobilise and support it. “European Renaissance! With great courage and vision, today French President Emmanuel Macron is relaunching the Europe we want and for which we are fighting: a sovereign Europe, a Europe of citizens, of democracy... » weiterlesen

Federal Committee in Barcelona

» weiterlesen

The European Alternative to the Crisis of the International Order

On Wednesday 20 February, the Union of European Federalists is glad to present the book “Supranational Political Economy. The Globalisation of the State–Market Relationship” written by Guido Montani. The presentation will be held in Piola Library. » weiterlesen