Die Europa-Union Deutschland ist in ein europaweites Netzwerk von europäischen föderalistischen Organisationen eingebunden. Die  Dachorganisation der europäischen Föderalisten ist die Union Europäischer Föderalisten (Union des Fédéralistes Européens/Union of European Federalists), kurz U.E.F., mit Sitz in Brüssel. >>weiterlesen

Präsident: Sandro Gozi

Generalsekretärin (interim): Anna Echterhoff

Vorstandsmitglieder (aus Deutschland): Wolfgang Wettach

Das Europäische Sekretariat ist zu erreichen unter:
Rue d'Arlon 53
1000 Bruxelles

Tel:  +32-2-508 30 30
Fax: +32-2-626 95 01

E-mail:  secretariat(at)federalists(dot)eu
Internet: www.federalists.eu

Aktuelle Meldungen der UEF

The European Constitutional process?

The XXI. UEF European Congress, Vienna, 30 June-2 July 2006considering- that the European Parliament has organized the first Parliamentary meeting on the Future of Europe, in Brussels, on 8-9th May, in which the great majority of the 225 members of national and European Parliaments was in favor of relaunching the constitutional process, interrupted after the negative referendum referenda in France and the Netherlands;- that the Finnish Parliament proposes to organize a new Parliamentary meeting… » weiterlesen

UEF - Internal Strategy Resolution

The XXI UEF Congress, held in Vienna from 30 June to 2 July 2006, In view of the changed political challenges the U.E.F. needs to adapt its political strategy, but also its organisational functioning.  The Congress therefore asks the UEF Executive Bureau to undertake the necessary measures and to report first results at the first meeting of the new Federal Committee in 2007. The basis of discussion should be the following document. The Union of European Federalists can look back at a tremendous… » weiterlesen

Resolution on the European Union as a power for peace

The XXI UEF Congress, held in Vienna from 30 June to July 2, 2006, Reaffirming peace as the precondition for social and ecological justice, freedom, democracy and human rights and as the fundamental value of the European Union, which has enabled the European people to enjoy more than 60 years of prosperity and freedom; - welcoming Guy Verhofstadt’s visionary plea for setting up the United States of Europe; - considering the importance for the European Union to urgently become a credible and… » weiterlesen

European Citizens' Convention

After the success of the First European Citizens’ Convention, held in Genoa in December 2005, the UEF organised the Second European Citizens’ Convention, which took place in Vienna on 28-29 June. It was jointly organised by UEF-Austria, JEF-Austria and UEF supranational focusing on the theme: “United States of Europe?!”. » weiterlesen

European Citizens' Forum "Shaping more Europe together. For more democracy, dialogue and discussion"

Europa-Union Deutschland (EUD), together with its local section in Cologne, the International Centre of European Training (CIFE) and the UEF supranational organised the first “European Citizens’ Forum” on 20 May in Cologne. Entitled “Shaping more Europe together: For more Democracy, Dialogue and Discussion”, the forum aimed at involving the citizens’ of the Cologne area in the discussion about European processes, particularly in view of the German EU Presidency at the beginning of 2007. » weiterlesen

UEF meets Commissioner Jan Figel

On 10 May Jan FIGEL, Commissioner for Education, Training, culture and multilingualism, welcomed a delegation consisting of Henrik KRÖNER (Secretary-General of European Movement International), Hanneli EBDING (Director of the European Secretariat of the UEF) and Friedhelm FRISCHENSCHLAGER (UEF Secretary-General), thus following the kind request of the latter. » weiterlesen

Appeal to the European Parliament, the European Council and to the national parliaments to re-launch the European Constitutional Process!

On 8 and 9 May the first inter-parliamentary forum takes place in Brussels to discuss on Europe's  future and the Period of Reflection. The event, organised by the European and the Austrian Parliament, convenes parliamentarians, both national and European, in order to make comprehensive recommendations to the European Council about how the Union should find a way out of the current crisis.   The session was opened by Josep Borrell Fontelles, President of the European Parliament. Just before… » weiterlesen

Laudation in the honour of Fernand Herman and presentation of the publication "Europa Patria Mea"

The laudation honouring Fernand HERMAN and the presentation of a publication presenting his works and articles took place on 25 April at the European Parliament. It was co-organised by the Foundation Pegase, Foundation Schuman, UEF Groupe Europe, the European Investment Bank and Foundation Paul-Henri Spaak. » weiterlesen

UEF Bureau Meeting

The meeting focussed on the program of the Second European Citizens’ Convention and the XXI UEF European Congress. Furthermore, political as well as organisational aspects of a possible Third European Citizens’ Convention in France at the end of the year were discussed.   » weiterlesen

UEF Belgium and UEF Groupe Europe: “What does Federalism offer?”

UEF Belgium and UEF Groupe Europe organised an open debate at the UEF European Secretariat at which visions of a federal Europe ere discussed. » weiterlesen