Die Europa-Union Deutschland ist in ein europaweites Netzwerk von europäischen föderalistischen Organisationen eingebunden. Die  Dachorganisation der europäischen Föderalisten ist die Union Europäischer Föderalisten (Union des Fédéralistes Européens/Union of European Federalists), kurz U.E.F., mit Sitz in Brüssel. >>weiterlesen

Präsident: Sandro Gozi

Generalsekretärin (interim): Anna Echterhoff

Vorstandsmitglieder (aus Deutschland): Wolfgang Wettach

Das Europäische Sekretariat ist zu erreichen unter:
Rue d'Arlon 53
1000 Bruxelles

Tel:  +32-2-508 30 30
Fax: +32-2-626 95 01

E-mail:  secretariat(at)federalists(dot)eu
Internet: www.federalists.eu

Aktuelle Meldungen der UEF

“Ms. Wallström, you can count on us”, says UEF-Secretary-General,Friedhelm FRISCHENSCHLAGER

The “Plan D” for more dialogue, democracy and debate, launched by the European Commission last year, was the main topic discussed at the meeting between the European Commission’s Vice President Margot Wallström and representatives of the Union of European Federalists (UEF), the Young European Federalists (JEF) and the European Movement International (EMI), taking place on 18 January in Strasbourg.  “2006 will be crucial if the European Union wants to win back the citizens’ confidence. It is… » weiterlesen

EU a success in civilian crisis management says international workshop on “The Role of the EU in Civilian Crisis Management”

On 12-13 January 2006, the Union of European Federalists-supranational (UEF) and the Austrian Study-Centre for Peace and Conflict Resolution organised an international workshop on “The Role of the EU in Civilian Crisis Management”, in Vienna. The purpose of this workshop was to discuss and bring to light this successful domain of EU policy.The conference brought 120 participants from all EU member states together with renowned experts in order to discuss the EU’s contribution to civil crisis… » weiterlesen

UEF international workshop on the role of the EU in civialian Crisis management

Right at the very beginning of the Austrian EU- Presidency an international workshop on the “Role of the EU in Civilian Crisis Management” will be held in Vienna on 12 and 13 January 2006.   This event will be the occasion to review the contribution of the EU to peace and stability in crisis affected areas in various regions mof the world and to examine ways for a better use of civilian European Security and Defence Policy and community instruments in the framework of European external action.… » weiterlesen

First Citizens' Convention in Genoa

In this difficult period following the setback of the negative results in the French and Dutch referenda, it is of paramount importance that civil society and do not lose track of their objectives. We must return to our roots, go back to the people. In this spirit, the UEF, presided over by Mercedes Bresso, is organising a series of “European Citizens’ Conventions”, the first of which was held held in Genoa, Italy, on 3-4 December 2005, in conjunction with its Italian Branch, the Movimento… » weiterlesen

President of the Republic of Senegal in favour of the “United States of Africa” – European and World Federalists in favour of regional seats in UN Security Council

The President of the Republic of Senegal, Mr. Abdoulaye WADE, has been  the guest speaker of an international colloquium on “Federalism, Peace and International Democracy” which  was co-organised  by  the Union of European Federalists (UEF) and  the World Federalist Movement (WFM). This public conference took place at the European Parliament on Friday 4 November and gathered about 130 participants from all continents.  In  his key-note speech on “a more democratic global governance by… » weiterlesen

Dr. Friedhelm FRISCHENSCHLAGER elected Secretary-General of the UEF

The Federal Committee of the UEF, meeting  on  6 November 2005 in Brussels, elected Dr. Friedhelm FRISCHENSCHLAGER as new Secretary-General of the UEF. With an academic background in political science, Dr. FRISCHENSCHLAGER, 62, has been a Member of the Austrian Parliament (1977-96), Minister of Defence in the Austrian government (1983-86), a Member of the Parliamentary  Assembly  of the Council of Europe (1980-83) and  a MEP (1996-99). Between 2001 and 2003 he worked in the OSCE Mission in… » weiterlesen

Joint Statement of the UEF Federal Committee and WFM Council on the UN summit

The Federal Committee of the UEF and the WFM Council, meeting on 5-6 November 2005 in Brussels,- Having regard to the disappointing conclusions of the World Summit relating to essential security and peace matters which took place in New York on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the United Nations,A. Considering that:- the UN Summit should have launched a profound reform of the United Nations,- the current disproportionate balance of power among world states, which is based on sovereign… » weiterlesen

European citizens should be fully involved in the continuation of the constituent process

Declaration of the UEF Federal Committee meeting in Brussels, 5-6 November 2005For half a century, the process of European unification has granted the European citizens peace, democracy and economic and social development. The new challenges to Europe – its role in the world, its contribution to the establishment of peace, the promotion of sustainable development and the improvement of its social model in a changing economic environment under challenge from globalisation - cannot be successfully… » weiterlesen

Appeal to the European Parliament, the European Council and to the National Parliaments to re-launch the European Constitutional Process

The Union of European Federalists,alarmedby the drift towards euro-scepticism and nationalism which is spreading all over Europe, and by the fact that some political groupings have shamefully given up striving for the creation of the European Federation, pursued by the founding fathers in the aftermath of WW II;believing- that the draft European Constitution is the symbol of a political community in the making and a first step towards a European Federal Government, which is necessary for… » weiterlesen

Europe and its citizens – the internal policies of the Union

The UEF Federal Committee, taking place in Brussels, 4-5 November 2005, Considering that- The European Union has assured, for more than 50 years, peace, democracy, employment and economic development- Without a federal government, Europe is unable to cope with the challenges of globalisation, contribute to international peace, promote sustainable growth and the social market economy- The Stability and Growth Pact has given the euro-zone financial stability, but not growth- Without the European… » weiterlesen