Café Babel Conference "Is European Federalism Dead? - The Eurogeneration and Europe's Decision Makers Face to Face

On 10 November 2004 in Brussels, the on-line European current affairs magazine Café Babel organised a day of debate "Is European Federalism Dead?" in collaboration with UEF & JEF. It aimed at putting European federalism to the test to see what it could bring to a Europe currently lacking a political project.

Crossing the generational divide, around 100 young and older people attended the event and discussed with European actors the future of the Europe.

The discussions were organised around three round tables on the following issues:

* "Is there a way back for politics?" with Virgilio DASTOLI (EC Office in Rome), Hartmut MARHOLD (CIFE), Michel THEYS (L'Européenne de Bruxelles) and Marco BUCIK (JEF Europe)

* "Federalism: Remedy for Economic Decline?" with Christa RANDZIO PLATH (ex-MEP), Henrik HENDERLIN (Freie Universität Berlin) and Piia-Noora KAUPPI (MEP)

* "What next? Who has a vision for tomorrow?" with Bronislav GEREMEK and Marco PANNELLA (MEPs), Ferdinando RICCARDI (Bulletin Quotidien Europe) and Bruno BOISSIERE (UEF)

Among the conclusions, it was agreed that European federalism was not dead (some speakers even stated that it was not born yet!) and could bring a breath of fresh air to the European political project.

On the day of this event Café Babel issued an internet dossier "After the Constitution, a Federal State ?"