Declaration: UEF support the entry of the Union in the Security Council of the UN

The European Bureau of the Union of European Federalists,


that the request of the German Government to apply for a seat in the United Nations Security Council would risk dividing Europe into opposing camps and confirm the impression that the intention is to form a European Directorate of powerful countries, sanctioned at world level, which will make decisions for everyone;

takes the view

- that the only way to enable Europe to speak with one voice in the world is for the European Union itself – or its Foreign Minister, once the Constitution is ratified – to have a seat in the Security Council, and

- that the presence of the European Union in the UN would pave the way for a reform of the United Nations on the basis of great regional Unions of states, as the simplest and most effective way to build a peaceful, just and safe world;

therefore demands

- that the European Parliament takes a prompt position in favour of the entry of the Union in the Security Council of the UN, and encourages France and United Kingdom to find the temporary compromises necessary for bringing Europe to speak with a single voice,

- that the German and the Italian governments abstain, as Member States of the Union, from proposing their candidature to the Security Council and that they support EU entry instead.

Adopted by the UEF Bureau at its meeting on 10 October 2004