First Citizens' Convention in Genoa

In this difficult period following the setback of the negative results in the French and Dutch referenda, it is of paramount importance that civil society and do not lose track of their objectives. We must return to our roots, go back to the people. In this spirit, the UEF, presided over by Mercedes Bresso, is organising a series of “European Citizens’ Conventions”, the first of which was held held in Genoa, Italy, on 3-4 December 2005, in conjunction with its Italian Branch, the Movimento Federalista Europeo (MFE).

The Convention aimed to examine some of the crucial questions which our citizens face in their daily life, such as: How can the EU speak with one voice to the rest of the world? How can it give an answer to the fears generated by the EU’s enlargement and globalisation? How can Europe secure peace and development in the Mediterranean, in Africa and in the other poor countries? What can we Europeans do for the world’s sustainable development? It is only by giving an answer to these questions that EU institutions will regain the confidence of European citizens.

The first European Citizens’ Convention gathered over 400 people from across Europe. MEP’s, national MP’s, representatives of Civil Society and interested citizens debated Europe’s responsibilities in the world, it’s economic and social dimension, sustainable development and the nature and necessity of active citizenship in a participatory democracy.