On a single seat for the European Union in UN Security-Council

Currently,  the  United  Nations  debate  a  reform  of  the  Security  Council.  Taking  into account  the insufficiencies and inefficiencies of the current system, UEF  together with JEF strongly  believe  that  a  reform  is  necessary.  The  United  Nations  have  to  play  a  greater role  in  dealing  with  international  security  issues  and  in  implementing  the  rule  of international  law.  1n  this  respect,  the  Security  Council  as  the  central  organ  has  to  be more representative.
Given the fact, that  the European Union can be considered as a regional sub-organisation of the United Nations, which has dedicated itself to the promotion of the ideals of the UN- Charter, the absence of any direct representation of the European Union is unacceptable. As  the  world’s   second  biggest   economy,  as  the  contributor   of  the  most  aids   for developing countries, the EU deserves a greater weight in the United Nations.
UEF  and  JEF  stress  the  importance  of  a  Single  European  Foreign Policy,  as expression  of European  Federal  Government,  in  order  to  ensure  the  promotion  of  the  ideals  of  the European project, which are also underlying the idea of United Nations to a great extent. The  numeric  weight  of  having  two  permanent  members  of  the  Security  Council  is  not used in an efficient manner and shows once more the necessity for a single and coherent foreign  policy  overcoming  the  divisions.  1t  is  the  wish  of  a  large  majority  of  European citizens  to  be  represented  on  the  world  level  as  Europeans.  The  divisions  of  the  past, which  not  only  undermined  the weight and the credibility of the EU  but also complicated the  management  of  several  crises,  underlined  once  more  the  necessity  of  a  Single European Policy.
Although  the  draft  Constitutional  Treaty  does  not  introduce  a  truly Single Foreign Policy, it  paves  the  way  for  a single representation of the EU in international organisations. Art.  111-305  §2  states  that  “When  the  Union  has  defined  a  position  on  a  subject  which  is  on the  United  Nations  Security  Council  agenda,  those  Member  States  which  sit  on  the Security  Council  shall  request  that  the  Union  Minister  for  Foreign  Affairs  be  asked  to present the Union’s position.”
UEF and JEF call on the full implementation of article 111-216 in advance. 1t should be the  guideline for any further proposals of reform.
UEF  and  JEF  call  on  the  governments  of  the  member  states,  their  Parliaments,  the European  Commission,  the  European  Parliament,  European  parties,  to  demand  a  single permanent  seat  for  the  European  Union  in  the  UN  Security  Council.  This  seat  should  be given to the Foreign Minister of the Union.
UEF  and  JEF  demand  all  member  states  of  the  EU,  who  are  advocating  a  national permanent seat in the  UN  Security  Council, to  take  into  account the aim  of a single European seat. Their actions should not damage this European strategy.

UEF and JEF remind all members of the United Nations to take into consideration that a permanent seat for the EU would also mean an encouraging signal  for other world regions and their efforts to establish regional  communities.

UEF  and JEF  call  for  the  launch  of a Europe-wide  campaign  that  would  demand the realisation  of  a  Single  European  Foreign  Policy,  and  therefore  the appointment  of  a European Foreign  Affairs Minister,  endowed  with full powers,  as single  representative  of the EU in the UN Security Council.

UEF and JEF ask the World Federalist Movement to cooperate together on this platform of requests.

Resolution adopted by the JEF  Federal Committee on 31 October 2004
Resolution adopted by the UEF Federal Committee on 21 November 2004