President of the Republic of Senegal in favour of the “United States of Africa” – European and World Federalists in favour of regional seats in UN Security Council

The President of the Republic of Senegal, Mr. Abdoulaye WADE, has been  the guest speaker of an international colloquium on “Federalism, Peace and International Democracy” which  was co-organised  by  the Union of European Federalists (UEF) and  the World Federalist Movement (WFM). This public conference took place at the European Parliament on Friday 4 November and gathered about 130 participants from all continents.


In  his key-note speech on “a more democratic global governance by  strengthening  regional integration and world institutions”, President WADE, declared himself in favour of a kind of “United  States of Africa” in  order to  overcome the micro-nationalism that plagues this continent. Such a pan-African union of states should be led by a government that would have certain continental competences such as -for instance- research, health, environment.


However, President WADE acknowledged that other African  leaders were in  favour of another model for uniting  African  states which  would  be based  on  regional groupings of states. Whatever the solution  that comes into  being, nation-states should  keep  some competences, of that he was convinced.


The colloquium allowed  participants to  exchange views on how regional unions like the European  Union  and the African  Union  can  contribute to the strengthening and democratisation of the United Nations. The public showed particular concern for the need to involve civil society  in the processes of regional integration  and for the necessity  of a common Euro-African strategy to reform the UN Security Council.


On the occasion of their colloquium the UEF and WFM approved a joint statement in which they call for:


1) the European Union to :


- strengthen  its political union  through  a genuine Federal Constitution  and  its foreign, security  and  defence policy  in  order to  speak  with  one voice and promote peace in the world,


- agree on a single seat in the UN Security Council which would pave the way for the entry of all regional groupings of states and transform it into a Council of the large regions of the world;


2) the states in  other continents of the world  to  face the challenges of

democratisation  and  of globalisation  by  promoting  further development of their regional integration  and  by  promoting  solidarity and  cooperation  between  their regional groupings within the United Nations.