Request for proposal for new UEF website

Deadline for expression of interest and participation of request: 28.10.2022

Art. 1 - Object of the tender

The purpose of the call for tenders is the creation ex-novo of the Internet Site (hereinafter referred to as the "Site") of the Union of European Federalists (hereinafter referred to as "UEF"), the complete hosting service, the management of the domain , and the annual maintenance after the publication of the new Site.

The site must integrate a Content Management System (CMS) platform, cookie policy and privacy policy.

The services must be carried out entirely by the economic operator awarded the contract, henceforth also referred to as the "Enterprise", with human and instrumental resources provided by it.

The economic value of the tender is EUR 10,000.00 excluding VAT.

Delivery of the web site is due by 31 December 2022: delivery of the site means the publication of the home page.


Art. 2 - Timing of the tender

The following timetable is envisaged for the execution of this tender:

  1. publication of this notice on the UEF website;
  2. submission of the Expression of Interest in Participation sent by email to within 5 days of publication of this request on UEF webiste, together with questions for clarification: deadline 28.10.2022, 21:00 CET
  3. send via email of answers to the questions of clarification to the Participants admitted: the answers will be sent monday 31.10.2022
  4. submission of tenders within 5 days from the date of publication of the replies to the requests for clarification: deadline 4.11.2022, 21.00 CET
  5. evaluation of the bids and awarding of the contract with approval by the UEF Executive Bureau and communication of the result to the participants within 7 days after the deadline for submission of bids;
  6. signing of the contract with the successful tenderer.


Art. 3 - General characteristics of the site

The new Site must have the following characteristics:

  1. CONTENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (CMS): the website should be implemented through a CMS for content management by the UEF Secretariat and dedicated volunteer staff, and be as flexible as possible.
  2. CONTENTS: contain all the information provided, suggested and/or requested by the UEF, structured in an organic manner and in compliance with general accessibility and usability requirements.
  3. RESPONSIVE WEBSITE: The company will have to create a responsive site, suitable for use through mobile devices and the most popular platforms: Apple, Android and Windows mobile.
  4. CONNECTION WITH SOCIAL MEDIA: the content of the site must be shareable on the main social media platforms on which the UEF is active, in particular Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn;
  5. COLLABORATIVE WEBSITE FOR UEF MEMBERS: the areas dedicated to EVENTS and NEWS must be accessible for 'UEF section communication managers' to upload their own content;
  6. CONFIDENTIAL AREA FOR FEDERAL COMMETTEE UEF (FC UEF) MEMBERS: members of the institutional body FC UEF must have their own restricted area where they can store and share data not visible to the public, in particular Confidential News, draft policy documents, political campaign documents;
  7. EVENTS AREA: events organised by the UEF and its sections must be easily identifiable and contain, in addition to a description of the announced event, a report of the event that took place. Furthermore, they must be linkable to the pages dedicated to a specific CAMPAIGN, PROJECT or ACTION being developed by the UEF.
  8. TARGETISED' COMMUNICATION: pages where the UEF communicates according to certain content (news, events and documents) according to a specific target group - citizens, journalists, politicians - so that it is visible which content is intended for citizens and which for other identified user groups;
  9. DATA ARCHIVE: Every year, the UEF produces a considerable amount of information: events, statements, press releases, statutory events, projects, newsletters etc... At the moment, locating this content is not easy: there is no search and filter function that allows these documents to be found quickly.
  10. MULTILINGUAL: the site's language is currently English. However, presentation pages in the main EU languages are required to be indexed in search engines when users search in French, German, Italian and Spanish;
  11. GRAPHIC IDENTITY: definition of a visual communication style that will then be taken up by the UEF Secretariat staff for social communication;


Art. 4 - Content of technical proposal and related economic proposal

The company must provide the UEF Secretariat with a technical proposal and an indication of the relative cost on the following items:


Communication strategy analysis and site design


Communication strategy and website structure analysis, navigation and usability study, project coordination


Website graphic design and visual concept

Study and realisation of the graphic layout suitable for communicating and representing the UEF brand



Website development according to the site tree proposed in Annex A

  • CMS Configuration 
  • Creation and implementation of recurring website elements: header, footer, desktop and responsive menu, sidebar.
  • Insertion and layout of texts and images, provided by the UEF Secretariat




- development area 'news', 'events';

- development of the UEF presentation page in 5 languages

  • Creation of two restricted areas: (i) one dedicated to the members of the 'UEF Federal Committee' and (ii) an area dedicated to 'UEF Member Communication Managers' and 'UEF Secretariat', with specific functionalities for the different user roles, for administration and back-end operations;
  • Production of a content input guide for the UEF Secretariat in English;
  • Insertion of text content in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, provided by the customer
  • Creation of an archive area on the site with customised filters to search for news, events and institutional documents of the organisation and its members.



Technical and on-page SEO

All services necessary for basic page indexing and implementation of search engine performance monitoring and analysis services.



Technical configuration

  • Cookie policy and privacy policy configuration according to current legislation;
  • Test phase and resolution of any optimisation problems.



Technical Assistance Period

Offer of number of hours of support for running-in activities and bug fixes.


This tender does not include the following services -which are to be considered out-of-budget- but tenders are nevertheless requested with an indication of the relevant cost for the following items if UEF identifies new funding lines:


Two online events for training staff of the 'UEF Secretariat' and 'UEF Member Communication Officers'

The events will be aimed at training UEF staff and volunteers in the:

  1. preparation of editorial material;
  2. image optimisation;
  3. preparation of attached files;
  4. loading;
  5. routine interventions;
  6. full use of the CMS back-end and administration functionalities.



The following activities are to be borne by the UEF Secretariat:


Drafting and delivery of texts and images for the development of the visual identity

The events will be aimed at training UEF staff and volunteers in the:

  1. preparation of editorial material;
  2. image optimisation;
  3. preparation of attached files;
  4. loading;
  5. routine interventions;
  6. full use of the CMS back-end and administration functionalities.



Migration of archive content

Migration of archive content from the old site to the new site


Art. 5 - Organisational Requirements of the Contractor

The successful tenderer must operate with adequately trained personnel, ensuring the implementation of the Service's objectives and the proper execution of the interventions.

When carrying out interventions, the contractor must ensure regularity and continuity of performance.


Art. 6 - Stages in the realisation of the site

The company awarded the contract shall proceed with the realisation of the Site according to the times and methods defined in its technical project; in particular, the activity shall be carried out according to the following phases:

  1. clear and detailed definition of the project presented; the successful company at this stage must supplement the outline project presented in the tender phase with all the specificities that may emerge, guaranteeing full compatibility with the proposed Site, both in terms of operation and the general logic with which the said Site has been designed;
  2. realisation of the site faithfully following the criteria of accessibility and usability;
  3. insertion of the complete contents and information on the home page and the "multilingual" static pages, provided by the UEF Secretariat, which are necessary for the implementation of the site itself;
  4. putting the Site into operation in an accessible version;
  5. testing and verification by the UEF Secretariat this phase must be completed by 31 December 2022 and an acceptance report will be drawn up by the UEF;

The successful bidder will have to develop an all-inclusive time schedule that includes development and project management, graphic and technical implementation, and final acceptance.

All activities related to the production deployment, in the final hosting environment, of the application and content are the responsibility of the successful bidder.

The successful bidder will have to guarantee support for the entire run-in period up to fine-tuning, with immediate intervention in the event of application bugs.

Supervision of the performance of the service is the responsibility of the UEF Secretariat throughout the duration of the contract, with the broadest powers and in the manner deemed most appropriate.


Art. 7 - Submission of tenders and their contents

Bids should be sent to the following email secretariat(at) . As soon as the offer is received, the UEF Secretariat will send a message that the envelope has been received.

The proposal must contain the following 4 annexes

    1. Free-format presentation of the company and the team working on the project.
    2. Presentation of at least 3 short case studies on previous applications/sites analogous to the present one;
      1. concerning points (a) - (h) of Article 3;
      2. a description of the site development environments, technologies, and methodologies with an indication of the CMS platform used;
      3. optional: an initial proposal for a visual concept of the homepage;
      4. any improvement proposals to optimise the service hypotheses envisaged in this tender;
  3. CRONOPROGRAM OF WORK for the realisation of the site with its expected Go Live date by 31.12.2022;
  4. ECONOMIC OFFER and indication of the proposed discount, if any.

The economic offer must be broken down according to the following cost items:


Communication strategy analysis, site design, study phase


Site graphics and visual concept development


Technical development of the website


Customising the website


Technical and on-page SEO


Technical configuration: cookie policy and privacy policy (legal obligation), testing and publication


Any costs for licences related to the CMS, DBMS, Application Server, Web Server or any other component that is deemed essential for the provision of the service or is provided for in the supplier's offer


Cost for Site hosting service (annual)


Optional: Training of UEF Secretariat staff and UEF Communication Officers


Art. 8 - Award Criteria

The award will be made on the basis of the criterion of the economically most advantageous offer identified on the basis of the best value for money, by the UEF Secretariat on the basis of the following evaluation parameters:












The UEF Secretariat will evaluate the technical offers on the basis of the evaluation elements and related maximum scores indicated in the table


Maximum points awarded


Characteristics of the company and the team in terms of the quality of the certified experience



Relevance and quality of the three largest similar works

performed in the area of web development and implementation,

in the last three years



Content technical and functional requirements

Management System (CMS) proposed, in terms of:


















Project development mode



Chronoprogramme (timing and stages of realisation)



Project documentation



Optional homepage visual concept proposal



Optional training proposal for UEF staff





Only those tenderers who have obtained a total score for the technical offer of at least 42 points will be admitted to the evaluation of the economic offer.


Maximum points awarded


Total amount for carrying out the points according to Article 8 point 5.



Single discount percentage offered on the base tender amounts downwards.





Art. 9 - Payments

For site realisation

The contractual fee will be paid to the successful tenderer 30% as an advance payment upon award of the contract and the remaining 70% upon acceptance of the site by the UEF Secretariat, upon presentation of regular invoices, by bank transfer.

For technical support, training and hosting services

Annual payment by bank transfer

For any user licences

Payment upon activation by bank transfer. Payment will be made after verification by the UEF Secretariat of the regular performance of the services rendered.



Art. 10 - Software Ownership

The website and any software developed by the successful tenderer during the course of the tender and the third-party software provided and the domain name, will remain the property of UEF, which may at the expiry of the tender proceed to re-use the software developed.

To this end, the successful tenderer shall deliver 30 days before the expiry of the invitation to tender or termination of the contract the complete backup of the developed system, all up-to-date source codes of the developed website, the complete documentation of the same according to the international reference standards, a detailed user and maintenance manual, both at user and system administrator level.

For no. 6 months after expiry of the contract or termination of the contract, the successful tenderer is obliged to provide assistance, including, if necessary, by telephone, to enable the UEF Secretariat, or its delegate, to reuse the developed website completely and in a workmanlike manner.


Article 11 - Processing of personal data

Pursuant to the GDPR regulations currently in force, it should be noted that the processing of personal data will be based on lawfulness and fairness in the full protection of the rights of competitors and their confidentiality. The purpose of the data processing is to allow the verification of the eligibility of the tenderers to participate in the procedure for the award of the service in question.


  1. Request for proposal PDF
  2. Annex 1 - Webiste tree