UEF Supports the EU's Participation in the UNIFIL Peace Intervention

Political declaration of Mrs Mercedes Bresso, President of the UEF, at the occasion of the closing of the 23rd International Seminar in Ventotene. 


UEF expresses its satisfaction with the decision of the European Union to participate in the UNIFIL peace intervention in South Lebanon, and believes that this decision is the first step in taking responsibility for peace in the Middle East, which represents a vital interest for Europe. The intervention opens the perspective for overcoming US and Israeli policies founded on unilateralism and war.


 UEF believes that a policy of peace in the Middle East must be based on a regional comprehensive project whose fundamental aspects are:


- the solution of the Israelo-Palestinian conflict, which implies the creation of two States along the lines indicated in the UN resolutions;


- the convening of a Conference for security and co-operation in the Middle East, which must also tackle the problem of nuclear disarmament in the region;


- the beginning of a process of regional integration on the basis of the European model, starting with Israel, Palestina, Lebanon and Giordania, which constitutes the pre-requisite for developing human rights and democracy in the region.


 This plan requires an enormous commitment by the EU along the logic of the Marshall Plan. The countries of the region should receive substantial aid in the field of security and economy, under the condition of a clear choice of peace. The vital need for this commitment must push the EU to overcome its intergovernmental co-operation and to create the instruments for acting effectively on the international plan, speaking with a single voice. This implies a convinced relaunch of the constitutional process, meant as a decisive step towards a Federation. Moreover, UEF asks for the French government to put at the disposal of the EU its own seat in the UN Security Council, accepting to place side-by-side the French representative and the EU High representative for foreign and security policy (ESFP).


Note to editors

The UEF, founded in 1946, is an independent and non-governmental European organisation, campaigning for a federal Europe. Since April 2005, it is presided over by Mrs. Mercedes BRESSO, President of the Italian Region of Piedmont, Member of the EU Committee of the Regions.