Europe in the Neighbourhood - Let's talk beyond borders! Perspectives, Challenges, and Opportunities of EU-Georgia Integration

The European Union is more than just a union of states. It is a union of values committed to peace, democracy and human rights. The EU's enlargement policy is an important part of this vision, as it offers the prospect of closer cooperation and integration to countries that want to move closer to the EU. One of these countries is Georgia, which has been associated with the EU since 2016 and has a comprehensive free trade agreement with the EU. But what is the state of EU-Georgia relations today? What are the challenges and opportunities for both sides? And how can citizens get involved and have their say? These questions and more were addresse at our third and last Citizens' Dialogue in the series "Europe in the Neighbourhood - Let's talk beyond borders" on 19 September 2023 with Nata Koridze, Marina Kaljurand, and Dr Sonja Schiffers.

Missed the event? Watch the full recording of the Online Dialogue on YouTube or read the German event report written by our media partner "Treffpunkt Europa".

The event was organised by Europa-Union Deutschland e.V. in cooperation with the Europe-Georgia Institute. It is funded by the German Foreign Office (Auswärtiges Amt). The Citizens' Dialogue was moderated by George Melashvilli, director of the Europe-Georgia Institute.